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Our Partners, Companies, And Community Members We Trust

This is our resources tab, find all that you need here from what channels we recommend, where to buy and host miners, where to buy hardware from and much more. Below are lists of the ones we trust and vouch for much always

Do Your Own Research.

These are listed in no particular order and not are going to list everyone in the space, but if you believe you or your company deserves to be added feel free to contact us.


Content Creators

These are creators in the space that we believe make a difference, they provide quality and informative content for newcomers and veterans of the crypto space.

Your Friend Andy

Do you like making money while you sleep or want to know how to? Then Andy is a must follow, one of my favorite creators in the space covering everything from nodes to mining you should check him and his podcast out for some great ideas, stories and to learn how to get a jump start on your financial journey

 Crypto WendyO

Wendy covers a wide variety of project reviews, discussion pieces, interviews, and even TA. She truly does it all and is a great resource for getting news and updates in the crazy world of crypto, definitely a must follow.


Red Panda Mining

One of the biggest mining channels on YouTube, Red Panda provides some great high quality mining related content including hardware, price trends, PoUW, servers and much more. A great channel to learn from as he has a ton of video for beginners to experts.


The Hobbyist

A great channel for at home miners to get a great point of view of the challenges and struggles of an at home miner and what tips and tricks you can do to help make it a seamless experience, talking a lot about GPU mining, ASICs, and much more. He shows it in a great perspective so you can learn from his mistakes, and what tips he has for you. 


Greater Good Mining

Greater Good Mining is a regular guy who decided to jump into the world of crypto, he covers a lot of ASIC related topics such as firmware updates, setup guides and much more. Also one of our content creators that makes content for the blog to help you stay up to date in the world of crypto.


BlueMoon Mining

BlueMoon Mining makes great quality content around news, POW coins, ASICs and much more. He makes his videos to be easily understood and a perfect length for the viewer, he also helps make content for the blog keeping you in the know about crypto.


Geek of all Trades

One of my favorite content creators out there, Geek of all Trades covers a lot on his channel everything from networking, ASICs, mining pools, POW coins and much more, a great all around channel for anyone in the mining space.


SerpentX Tech

SerpentX is a Systems Administrator, he covers a wide variety on his channel from ASICs to POW coins, and much more. He is very informative and technical with his videos providing you with some high quality knowledge and content.


Son of a Tech

Son of a Tech also referred to as SOAT is one of the most informative creators out there, he has a track record of finding and researching projects early in there stages before they are talked about by others, he does a great job sharing his mining journey and is a must follow for fellow miners.


DJ Mines

One of if not the funniest mining content creator out there DJ Mines has some great one of a kind content, he covers ASICs, GPUs and much more and also is great at sharing his current thoughts about what's going on the space in a unique way definitely one of my favorites, and don't forget to throw some 22's in chat for him as well


Ovalbore Tech

Ovalbore is a very technical creator, he focuses on GPU mining  he does a wide variety of testing and benchmarking of GPUs on all algorithm's, leaving you with the easy work of choosing the algorithm. If you are a GPU miner follow him for the best hashrate


Max Voltage

Max is a expert in mining as well as electrical, he has a lot of content on both subjects and has super knowledgeable videos whether it's nodes, solar, or mining pools Max will have some great info on the subject


Sebs FinTech

A channel packed full of great information and content, Seb loves his stats and vigorous testing when it comes to mining. He covers ASICs, GPUs, phone mining and even started his own mining podcast


Hawk Crypto

Hawk covers a wide variety on his channel from GPUs, ASICs and also PoUW and AI. He has high quality videos and is a perfect channel for people in the mining scene to learn from.



The perfect channel to stay up to date on news and the latest craze, ChumpChange covers mining with GPUs, ASICs, phones, PoUW and even content around solar power. He has livestreams everyday and has a great community around his channel that you want to be apart of.


Mining King

Mining King covers high level mining content surrounding AI, PoUW, networking, and ASICs. He goes into great detail about things and is a great channel for experienced miners to tune into.



An educator of the crypto mining space, MineSum10 is one of my favorites to watch, he covers PoUW, AI, GPUs, ASICs, and current news, his content is high quality and is a must watch for anyone in the mining scene.


Retro Mike

Retro Mike covers content that the majority won't, he digs deep into his content whether its a mining software overview, Pigeoncoin, or a phone mining setup he's got you covered. A very knowledgeable creator for miners and enthusiasts in the space.


Mining Vendors, Hosting and Hardware

These are mining companies that we trust whether they sell miners, mining accessories or are hosting companies we believe they are the best options for you and your journey.


Endless Mining

EndlessMining, LLC™, founded by entrepreneur Agustin Cortes in July 2022, aims to establish itself as a trusted and reliable platform in the crypto component industry. Specializing in mining equipment and hosting services, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing high-quality hardware and competitive pricing.


Terra Hosting

Terra Hosting is pioneering the concept of a community-driven datacenter, aiming to make data and electric services more affordable through scale. Their mission is to offer cost-effective hosting services for PoW and PoS cryptocurrency equipment, along with top-tier data storage solutions for various needs such as colocations, IP routing, and game servers.

Chain Critical

Established in 2021 by cryptocurrency and blockchain experts in Ohio, Chain Critical LLC offers high quality mining cables as well as hardware and support for all skill levels. They prioritize field-tested components and provide secure, high-end hosting services for ASIC miners and GPU rigs with advanced environmental controls.


The Meter Box

Specializing in Meter Boxes, The Meter Box offer high quality ejection molded boxes made from PVC and made to last, this is a great component to add to your mining setup to monitor how much electric you are using at any given time.

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