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Neurai's Evolution: Microhalving #25 and Expansion to Tier 1 Exchange

An Update On The Recent XNA News

In the realm of technological convergence, Neurai stands as a beacon of innovation, blending IoT, AI, and blockchain to bridge the gap between reality and the digital sphere. Recent developments herald a new chapter in Neurai's journey, marked by impending expansion and a significant microhalving event.

Understanding Neurai: A Brief Overview

At its core, Neurai harnesses the power of IoT, AI, and blockchain technologies, seeking to revolutionize connectivity and data integrity. Its commitment lies in harmonizing physical and digital realms, promising a paradigm shift in technological advancement.

Recent Developments: Expansion and Microhalving

Neurai is on the brink of a transformative phase with an imminent listing on a Tier 1 exchange. This strategic move signifies a substantial leap forward, amplifying Neurai's visibility and accessibility within the cryptocurrency landscape.

Simultaneously, Neurai recently underwent Microhalving #25, marking a 5% reduction after a mere 10 days. This adjustment, reducing inflation and adjusting block rewards from 14599 to 13869 XNA, signifies a calculated step toward sustained economic stability within the Neurai ecosystem.

The Significance of Microhalving

Microhalving events, such as the recent one witnessed by Neurai, play a pivotal role in curbing inflation while fine-tuning block rewards. These regular adjustments form the bedrock of Neurai's economic structure, ensuring its sustainability and equilibrium in the long run.

Looking Ahead: Neurai's Path Forward

The impending Tier 1 exchange listing and the effects of Microhalving #25 underscore Neurai's commitment to steady evolution. Reduced inflation promises a more steady and balanced ecosystem.

As Neurai navigates this phase, anticipation mounts regarding the far-reaching implications of these developments on its growth trajectory and broader cryptocurrency landscape.


The recent strides taken by Neurai – the impending Tier 1 exchange listing and the milestone Microhalving #25 – signify a transformative phase for the project. These advancements pave the way for a more refined and sustainable ecosystem, promising a future where Neurai continues to redefine the boundaries of technological integration.


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