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Meet The Miner Vol.3: Bokiko

Introducing oneself often reveals a mosaic of experiences and passions, and Bokiko's story is no different. Hailing from a predominantly business-oriented background, Bokiko's journey took an unexpected turn into the digital world of crypto. Armed with a business school degree and a history in the financial sector, particularly within trading and restructuring in capital markets, Bokiko's venture into crypto might seem like an unusual pivot at first glance. However, the twists in one's tale often stem from the depths of their passions. Bokiko's tech-savvy side, his innate fascination with building PCs, became the bridge between his professional career and the burgeoning realm of cryptocurrencies. Amid his comfort zones of the stock market and trading, the allure of the crypto world beckoned him around 2017-18. That exhilarating experience of trading his first cryptocurrency opened a Pandora's box of opportunities and intrigue, setting the stage for his transition. The year 2020 brought unprecedented global circumstances, catalyzed by the pandemic, driving a surge in digital transformations. It was during this time that Bokiko's exploration of crypto deepened, leading him to the captivating world of mining. The fusion of his technological inclination and the magnetic pull of crypto made mining an irresistible pursuit. Plunging into the depths of crypto mining in late 2020, Bokiko's journey from trading in capital markets to immersing himself in crypto mining unfolded with exhilaration and uncharted territories. Bokiko's attraction to crypto mining isn't tethered to a singular event; rather, it's a culmination of personal principles and unique circumstances. With an inclination for meticulousness and detail, he found a natural fit in home mining. This choice might seem unconventional in a world where remote hosting is common, but for Bokiko, having his mining farm close to home is more than just a convenience—it's a philosophy. This proximity aligns with his hands-on approach, allowing him to manage his equipment effectively, optimizing performance, and addressing any issues promptly. Thus, the spark that ignited Bokiko's interest in mining was a blend of personal preferences, his meticulous nature, and the unforeseen timing of the pandemic, which granted him both the time and perspective to embark on this journey. Bokiko's mining setup is a reflection of his technical acumen and strategic decision-making. Leaning heavily towards GPU mining, he orchestrates over 220 GPUs, comprising about 70% of his mining infrastructure. Complementing this array are 50+ CPU mining rigs and specialized ASICs, including ipollos and goldshelss, all carefully selected and balanced for efficiency. The glue holding this diverse setup together is HiveOS, a comprehensive management solution that seamlessly integrates with his intricate hardware configuration. When it comes to the cryptocurrencies he mines, Bokiko's choices are deeply rooted in value and purpose. His selection process revolves around projects that offer tangible solutions and address pressing issues in the crypto sphere. While fleeting trends and immediate profits might sway others, Bokiko's mining decisions are guided by the project's vision and fundamentals, setting a precedent for how he navigates the dynamic world of crypto. Challenges are inherent to any miner's journey, and Bokiko is no exception. From managing the heat generated by his home-based mining rigs to the complexities of scaling up, each challenge has been met with adaptability and resilience. His journey is a testament to the blend of technical prowess, market insights, and strategic decision-making required in the dynamic landscape of crypto mining. In terms of cost management, Bokiko's philosophy prioritizes quality over short-term savings. He believes that investing in top-notch equipment translates to fewer technical hiccups, lower maintenance costs, and increased longevity. Electricity costs are mitigated through optimized overclock settings, allowing him to weather occasional losses due to power expenses with a focus on the long-term potential of crypto appreciation. Bokiko's journey is marked by memorable moments that shaped his perspective and strategies. Navigating the challenge of escalating network difficulty with Ethereum stands out as a pivotal moment. Adapting to diminishing returns, he ventured into trading the ETH/BTC pair, yielding a 15% increase in ETH holdings. Additionally, his early engagement with projects like Alephium and Radiant, before they gained prominence, showcased his foresight and understanding of the crypto space. Staying updated in the fast-paced crypto world is a cornerstone of Bokiko's approach. He relies on a curated collection of resources, including premium subscriptions to Bloomberg, Ark Invest, and IntoTheBlock, providing him with in-depth reports, news, and analysis. His daily routine involves extensive reading and participation in over 75 Discord servers, keeping him immersed in discussions and real-time updates. He also acknowledges the invaluable insights offered by dedicated crypto YouTubers like RedPanda Mining and RabidMining, who contribute rich perspectives to the community. Bokiko's approach is characterized by critical thinking and cross-referencing information. While insights from experts are invaluable, he places his trust in math, logic, and data over hype or hearsay. As the crypto industry continues to evolve, Bokiko envisions a future where crypto mining remains a steadfast foundation, with advancements in hardware efficiency and computational power shaping the landscape. Trends like mobile mining hold promise, democratizing crypto participation as smartphones become more powerful. In the end, Bokiko's journey exemplifies the intersection of passion and profession, of adaptability and strategy, within the captivating world of crypto mining. His narrative is a mosaic of experiences, challenges, and insights that together paint a vivid picture of a miner who navigates the crypto currents with a blend of calculated decisions and unyielding curiosity. Bokiko Twitter | Bokiko Typefully


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