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Meet The Miner Vol.2: Pelish Miner

In the fascinating world of cryptocurrency, one individual stands out as a passionate and dedicated miner - Pelish Miner, also known as Will. With a background in IT, Pelish Miner's journey into the crypto space began in 2017 with a simple trade on Coinbase. However, it wasn't until 2021 that his interest in crypto mining truly ignited, leading him on an exciting path of exploration and success. In this edition of "Meet the Miner," we delve into Pelish Miner's background, mining experiences, challenges, and his vision for the future of this dynamic industry.

The Genesis of Pelish Miner's Crypto Journey:

Having an impressive background in IT, Pelish Miner's expertise spans back to the early days of DOS and Windows 3.0. As the technology landscape evolved, so did his skills, encompassing networks, VLANs, and much more. It was only a matter of time before he found himself intrigued by the potential of crypto mining - a means to utilize his technical prowess, generate passive income, and support expanding networks from the comfort of his home.

Venturing into Crypto Mining:

In 2020, Pelish Miner's curiosity led him to explore the world of crypto mining. However, he held back from diving in until 2021 when he decided to take the leap of faith. Armed with a Raspberry PI, he ventured into CPU mining on Unmineable. With a thirst for more, he expanded his mining operations to include Azure and an old desktop - all dedicated to CPU mining. It wasn't until later that he embraced the power of GPU mining, acquiring his first 3060 and installing it into the old desktop. As his passion intensified, he purchased a new Dell with a 3060, further augmenting his mining setup.

The Attraction to Crypto Mining:

Pelish Miner's interest in crypto mining was spurred by his desire to harness his IT skills, create passive income, and support additional networks from the comfort of his home. As an old-school IT professional, the allure of delving into cutting-edge blockchain technology to generate profits was irresistible.

The Mining Setup and Strategy:

Currently, Pelish Miner's mining setup centers around an ASrock h510 Pro BTC+ motherboard hosting primarily 3060Ti GPUs, along with several Goldshell and Ipollo ASICs. His approach to mining is versatile - he mines whatever cryptocurrencies are available across different mining pools. Initially, he followed his instincts when selecting coins to mine, but as his experience grew, he began considering factors like cryptocurrency price and mining difficulty to maximize efficiency.

Challenges and Overcoming Adversities:

As with any endeavor, Pelish Miner faced his fair share of challenges. From financial constraints hindering expansion to grappling with electricity costs, he navigated the hurdles with tenacity and determination. With time, he managed to overcome these obstacles, gradually expanding his mining operations. Pelish Miner explored KDA Miners and small box miners, working within his budget while securing financing for some GPUs through Affirm.

Looking Towards the Future:

To stay informed in the fast-paced crypto mining industry, Pelish Miner relies on Twitter and YouTube, tapping into the knowledge and expertise of the vibrant crypto community. As technology progresses, he envisions an AI-driven future where the dominance of GPUs may become less cost-effective. However, his unwavering passion for mining and dedication to improvement remain unyielding.


Pelish Miner's remarkable journey from an old IT expert to a crypto mining enthusiast is a testament to the evolving nature of the crypto space. His passion, perseverance, and willingness to adapt have shaped his success as a miner. As the crypto mining industry embraces new technologies and innovations, Pelish Miner remains steadfast in his pursuit of mining excellence and continues to leave an indelible mark on the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency mining.


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