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FluxCore Beta — Empowering a Decentralized Computing Future

InFlux Technologies Limited is set to release the Beta version of FluxCore, a PoUW client application that encapsulates their vision of a decentralized world. Let's delve deeper into how FluxCore revolutionizes computing and its pivotal role in the Proof-of-Useful-Work ecosystem.


The global demand for technological infrastructure has surged, necessitating an evolution in computing resources. FluxCore, the brainchild of InFlux Technologies, emerges as a catalyst in the Proof-of-Useful-Work network, addressing the scalability challenge faced by emerging technology sectors.

FluxCore and PoUW

FluxCore is poised to be the cornerstone of the PoUW network, seamlessly connecting machines to bridge the infrastructure gap. This innovative platform not only offers Proof-of-Useful-Work services such as AI, Rendering, and Cloud Gaming but also aims to optimize computing resources dynamically, thereby reducing costs, conserving resources, and mitigating e-waste.

Empowering Users

The Beta release on December 15th, 2023, brings an array of services, from AI to enterprise tasks, leveraging underused hardware to shape a more efficient and sustainable future.

Features of FluxCore Beta

FluxCore Beta introduces various components crucial for the Proof-of-Useful-Work application. Among these are machine benchmarking, GPU overclocking, security management via an Account Page, historical data tracking, and the Mining Module, set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency mining experience within the PoUW network.

Mining Module and PoUW Integration

With the Mining Module, FluxCore Beta offers users total control over their machines, seamlessly integrating crypto mining directly into the PoUW network experience. This empowers users to mine cryptocurrency while actively contributing to decentralized computing, aligning with PoUW's core ethos.

Benchmarking for PoUW Performance

The integrated benchmarking tools in FluxCore Beta enable users to benchmark their machines for optimal performance within the PoUW network. Fine-tuning setups ensures machines are optimized for customer utilization, advancing the mission of the Proof-of-Useful-Work ecosystem.

Upcoming Milestones

As FluxCore Beta unfolds, the community anticipates the launch of the PoUW Marketplace in Q1 2024. This platform will serve as a centralized hub for deploying diverse projects on connected machines, revolutionizing possibilities within the PoUW network.

Participating in the FluxCore Beta

Mark your calendars for December 15th, 2023, and be ready to engage with FluxCore Beta. Join the community, explore the potential of decentralized computing, and contribute to shaping a future where computing resources are optimized, costs reduced, and sustainability prioritized.


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