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Flux's SSP Wallet: Unveiling the Perfect Blend of Retail-Friendly and Secure Crypto Management

The world of cryptocurrency wallets is witnessing a groundbreaking addition with Flux's SSP (Secure and Simple Platform) wallet, set to launch on October 16th, 2023. This wallet is far from just another wallet in the market; it is a paradigm shift in crypto security and self-custody. In this technical exploration, we'll unravel the intricate layers of security and innovation that make Flux's SSP wallet a true game-changer.


The Epitome of Security and Self-Custody: Flux's SSP wallet redefines the very concept of security. It introduces a 2-of-2 multisignature address system, a true two-factor authentication wallet, where both your SSP Wallet and SSP Key play pivotal roles in securing your digital assets.

Two-Factor Authentication:

To perform any operation within the wallet, you require the involvement of both your SSP Wallet and SSP Key. Transactions are constructed on your SSP Wallet and signed with your SSP Wallet private key. Subsequently, your SSP Key must sign the transaction again with its own SSP Key private key. The two private keys, extended private parts, and seeds are never shared between devices, rendering it an impenetrable 2-of-2 wallet.

Synchronization and SSP Relay:

To enhance convenience, SSP Wallet synchronizes with SSP Key through an SSP Relay server. Initial synchronization begins with SSP Key scanning the Hardened Extended Public Key part of each asset in SSP Wallet. SSP Wallet listens on a derived public key for this purpose. This meticulous synchronization process ensures that both SSP Wallet and SSP Key possess the necessary data for secure transactions and operations.

Data Verification and Security Measures:

Security is paramount, and SSP Wallet incorporates measures to prevent potential attacks on SSP Relay servers. Address construction is verified on both SSP Wallet and SSP Key. Any discrepancy in data leads to the synchronization being invalidated. This robust verification process safeguards against attacks and ensures data integrity.

Enhanced Key Security:

Private keys and seeds are the crown jewels of crypto security. SSP Wallet employs user-defined passwords to encrypt sensitive data, following industry-standard methods. This includes using the browser-passworder package to derive keys from passwords and secure storage. Additionally, Secure Local Storage encrypts data with device and browser fingerprints, preventing data leaks, local storage dumps, and migration between devices.

Lock/Unlock Convenience:

SSP Wallet is designed primarily as a Chrome extension. It secures user sessions conveniently, encrypting passwords in Session storage with device and browser fingerprints. This approach ensures that no unencrypted form of sensitive data is ever stored, even in application-level storage, setting it apart from other wallets in terms of security.

Open Source Philosophy:

Transparency and trust are at the core of SSP. Everything within SSP, including SSP Wallet, SSP Key, SSP Relay, and every line of code, is open source. This transparency allows anyone to verify the system's integrity and reinforces the mission to provide a simple, secure, and powerful wallet for the entire crypto community.

Flux's SSP Wallet represents a new era in crypto self-custody and security. Its unique design, two-factor authentication, and rigorous security measures ensure that your assets remain protected. With the upcoming launch on October 16th, 2023, Flux's SSP wallet is poised to become the standard for blockchain self-custody, setting the bar higher for the entire crypto industry.


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