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Crypto News: FLMN's Downfall, Bitcoin's Mega Fee, and The Beginners Block's Latest Moves

What's Going On In The World Of Crypto?

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies, updates and revelations come at a breakneck speed. Today, we bring you a whirlwind of news and developments that have been making waves in the crypto space.

Fulminare (FLMN): Unveiling the Red Flags

Our journey begins with a vigilant crypto miner named Bokiko, a stalwart in the crypto mining community, who recently embarked on an eye-opening deep dive into a project known as Fulminare (FLMN). Armed with nothing but a fleet of GPUs and an insatiable curiosity, Bokiko devoted 48 hours to mining FLMN, but what he discovered raised serious concerns. Here are the glaring red flags:

  1. Team Transparency: The profiles of the project's team members appeared to be shrouded in mystery, casting doubt on their authenticity.

  2. Development Dormancy: A startling lack of activity on Fulminare's GitHub repository sent shockwaves through the crypto community, leaving questions about the project's development.

  3. Community Size Matters: Fulminare's community appeared relatively small, which raised questions about its adoption and support.

  4. The Rug-Pull Revelation: Days after Bokiko's incisive analysis, the project suffered a catastrophic fall from grace, confirming suspicions of foul play. A 5% founder fee on every block reward turned out to be a precursor to a rug pull, leaving investors in the lurch. Kudos to Bokiko for his dedication to unearthing the truth for the mining community.

A Staggering Transaction Fee Raises Eyebrows

In the midst of this crypto whirlwind, news broke of a jaw-dropping transaction fee in the Bitcoin network. A staggering 19 BTC, equivalent to a whopping $509,563 USD, was paid for a seemingly innocuous transaction of approximately $1,800. Speculation runs rampant, with some suggesting it might be a case of money laundering. This eye-popping fee certainly demands further investigation.

The Beginners Block's Exciting Ventures

Now, shifting our focus to the home front, The Beginners Block has been buzzing with activity behind the scenes. We're thrilled to announce our foray into video content, enriching our articles and social media presence. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and Twitter for exciting updates, videos coming soon...

But that's not all. We've been hard at work securing new items for reviews and gearing up for a major milestone giveaway. Our founder has been actively acquiring mining hardware, building a 12-GPU rig, and preparing to bring you the latest insights into the world of crypto mining.

While we took a brief hiatus for a much-needed refresher, we're back with renewed vigor, ready to serve our dedicated community. Stay tuned for a wealth of exciting content, giveaways, and informative articles. The journey continues, and we're thrilled to have you along for the ride.


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